Dan Chen - Nature and Wildlife Artist

You are invited! Join the Journey of
The Noah Project  2009-2020
Ten years. 320 small bronze animal sculptures, Noah and his family. 
A scale model of the Ark (1/50 size. with 27 sections)
2009: The Introductory set -12 small bronze animals and one section of the Ark.
2010 to 2020: The Noah Project set will offer:
                       24 animals and 2 sections of the Ark Each year.
2016: Two extra sections will be offer. Noah's family and the Center Living Sections.
Individual Section size: 12" H x 18" W x 4" D.
Completed Ark Size: 12" H x 108" W x 18" D.
Pieces may be purchased individually or as a set.   Bow & Stern may be purchased at anytime
Edition total: 999 (700 as sets)



Dan's experience with the eastern and western disciplines of art have provided the inspiration for his extremely pleasing and dramatic style. Whether the media is oil, pastel, watercolor or sculptures in clay or in bronze, each piece Dan creates is an exquisite and masterful expression of line, color, form and energy which is truly his own.